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Billy Bragg - Mermaid Avenue
Featurered Artists Coalition

What's it about?

The invention of the mp3 has changed the way we experience recorded music. The internet offers artists the ability to be producers, distributers and retailers of their own material. The potential for artists to connect with an audience and be able to make a living has never been greater.

Why should I care?

The major record labels, who previously controlled the distribution and retailing of recorded music, have not reacted positively to the new technology. In their desire to cling to their old business model, they are seeking to criminalise fans who share music files in the name of protecting their artists livelihoods

What can I do?

The Featured Artists Coalition has come together to question whether the major record labels really represent the views of artists with regard to issues such as illicit file-sharing, copyright infringement and the punishment of our fans.

You can find out more about the Featured Artists Coalition at