Gig Details

NEW EVENT - Live in Concert

Date: 28/04/2017
Location: Fremantle Arts Centre
1 Finnerty Street

We are very chuffed to announce that BILLY BRAGG - orator, musician, entertainer, rabble-rouser, activist, negotiator, pamphleteer, the fabled ‘big-nosed bard from Barking’ – is making the trip to Western Australia in April 2017 to perform at Fremantle Arts Centre. Billy always has something to say and something to sing about and after 13 studio albums, eight compilations, two box sets, and countless tours across countless international borders, the elder statesman of today, bearded and ‘ruggedly handsome’ (according to one Facebook fan), he refuses to slip into the dotage of self-parody. Across three and a bit decades performing there have been numerous milestones and waystations years for Billy, political and personal, including going topping the singles chart, having a street named after him, being mentioned in Bob Dylan’s memoir and meeting the Queen and he was recently named Trailblazer of the Year at the Americana Music Association UK Awards in February 2016 and the Spirit of Americana/Free Speech in Music at the Americana Music Awards in September 2016.

Governments rise and fall, fashions come and go, pop stars are built up and knocked down by a fickle media, and Billy Bragg adapts to survive. His enemies remain essentially the same: craven politicians, inhumane corporations, plus assorted racists, fascists, bullies, reactionaries and people with floppy fringes. Billy is a regular contributor to the national debate as TV pundit and newspaper columnist, he continues to sharpen his pen as a writer, and his first book, the considered, wide-ranging treatise on English identity The Progressive Patriot, opened up a whole new vista of possibility for a man who never stops engaging with all the trouble in the world. Whether it’s unionized workers, constitutional reform, bankers’ bonuses, illegal wars or the undemocratic commandeering of a portable toilet backstage at a festival, Billy Bragg will help fight your corner.
Come and be in Billy’s corner when he makes a rare trip to Western Australia to play for us at Fremantle Arts Centre on Friday April 28th

This is an 18+ event.