Billy Bragg Returns With New Album 'Tooth & Nail'

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Billy Bragg is set to release his new album 'Tooth & Nail' through Cooking Vinyl on March 18th.

Britain has never needed a Billy Bragg album as much as it needs one right now. Economic strife, unpopular foreign wars and the continued electoral gains of the Far Right mean that the country is gripped with uncertainty, a lack of confidence in its own identity.

Well, we're about to get our wish. Far from solving the country's ills, Billy Bragg's new album 'Tooth & Nail' promises to reflect the uncertain times in which we live on a personal level.

Recorded across five days with Joe Henry, guests on 'Tooth & Nail' include Greg Leisz (Bon Iver), Patrick Warren (Lana Del Rey), Jay Bellerose (Regina Spektor) and David Piltch (Ramblin’ Jack Eliot). Intriguingly, the press release we've been handed hints at a return to the music which fuelled 1998's Wilco collaboration 'Mermaid Avenue' - arguably a career high for the Barking songsmith.

Here's a direct quote from Billy Bragg: “In 2011, I took a long, hard look at who I am and what I do. This album is the result.” Due for release on March 18th, 'Tooth & Nail' will contain more than just music.

Available on CD and vinyl, Billy Bragg will make the album available as a limited special edition CD+DVD Bookpack, featuring the CD, a 36 page booklet containing exclusive photos and a collection of columns written by Billy originally published in Q magazine between 2008 and 2011, plus a DVD of 10 promotional videos that Billy Bragg made for his singles between 1986 - 2002.

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